By Paul Niemeyer
November 4, 2013



4shared Review

4shared is a ground-breaking, innovative company that develops handy software designed to make data storage and access more convenient and more spontaneous to the users throughout the world. Founded in 2005, this company continues to gain acceptance among the online users because of their intuitive, user friendly, consistent and premier quality services in data storing and sharing. So, it is basically a website that provides an elementary online data sharing and cloud storage service.

Pricing Plans for 4shared Account

There are two types of 4shared account which are incorporated with two pricing plans. The free planactually falls short of many of the tools that you really need if you are planning to employ this data sharing service for commercial purposes. The premium plan provides an excellent variety of tools and features which are perfect for all kind of business and also for household use. Users having a premium account can receive a total of 100GB of online storage in 4shared. In addition to that, any file stored and shared through the premium account can be of maximum 5GB.

Features of 4shared

Basic personalization:

There are quite a few customizing preferences added to 4shared. You can relocate, copy, discard and rename any specific files that is stored using this file storage service. You may as well personalize your 4shared background according to your choice to make it attractive and more individualized.

File sharing feature:

This feature allows you to upload, download, share and search for pictures, documents, music and videos within a couple of minutes. Moreover, you can even share any file with the other 4Shared account holders using the 4Shared email service. There are easy-to-send links, which are automatically attached to emails so that the user can get an instant access to their shared files by clicking the easy-to-send links that are attached to the emails by an automated system.

Photo sharing feature:

With this particular feature, the users can upload unlimited photos by means of automated thumbnails, create extensive photo albums, and shares these photos with their friends and family. You can also launch a photo community and maintain the record of total number of views.

Document sharing feature:

This feature enables one to upload and share the specific documents to 4Shared Cloud without the restriction of size limit and email limitations firewalls. The folders of documents are arranged with a comprehensive structure that presents the way you can work on a certain project.

Video and music sharing feature:

You can upload an unlimited number of music and videos to make a compilation of your files in the 4shared cloud. You can even produce an individualized music album with your selective songs that are uploaded and stored in this cloud.

Security features:

Some of these features are available for the premium account holders in 4shared. There is a password protection feature to protect each file from unauthorized access. An automated system in 4shared checks each and every file for potential malwares and virus threats to add an extra security layer in the way of protecting and sharing your files.


The installation of 4shared application is quite simple and you don’t have to bother about virus threats or other technical issues. Right after you click on DOWNLOAD, it will automatically start downloading within a few seconds. The whole process will take only a couple of minutes. Once the setup file is downloaded, you will have to run it and provide the destination folder for the application. The installation will be carried away with no interruption to your tasks. Within a few minutes, you will find the 4shared application installed on your system. I think, this is the simplest installation process that requires no experience or complicated guidelines.

Monitoring your files on 4shared

There are so many administering tools offered by this online data storage and sharing service. 4shared provides you with statistics and surveys on each of your files. You can get an access to these statistics that will provide you the information about file size, file format, date of creation and number of views or downloads so far from your 4shared account. Additionally, you can check out the specific account details with a few more clicks.


  • 4shared protects your important files against potential antivirus threats.
  • 4Shared lets you to send and share files with a maximum size of 5GB. It allows to store and share files in variety of formats according to your need and requirements.


  • 4shared lacks a Microsoft Outlook plugin. It would let you to incorporate the service into your MS Outlook account that would use your contacts as well as other information kept in storage.
  • 4shared doesn’t feature the upgraded dropbox properties which enables you to include an instant-upload widget to any website that you own. By introducing a Dropbox, your clients, affiliates, associates and colleagues could upload outsized files straight to your website and consequently stay clear of the complications of email or FTP.

Help and Support

4shared includes an in depth FAQs section in its webpage. This section provides you with the answers to the questions on various categories. They cover an assortment of issues varying from general to sharing folders and files. 4shared also offers you a quick tour to its insight that will help you be acquainted with the essential tools and important features of this storage and sharing site. If you feel like contacting a support representative for a help, online support and responsiveness will definitely be positive which I appreciate the most.

4Shared is designed as a free application for all types of platforms to provide with all the facilities that are required to accelerate the scheduled process of uploading and downloading unlimited files on your account. From file uploading to file downloading, 4shared has taken its users around the domain of communication. Appreciated for its user friendly interface, favourable usability and steadfast reliability, 4Shared uplifts the productivity and efficiency of performance of one’s tasks. Check out our page on Top 10 Cloud Storage Reviews.