5 Cloud Backup Service Providers with Best Mobile Apps

By Paul Niemeyer
December 28, 2013



5 Cloud Backup Service Providers With Best Mobile Apps

Let’s have a glimpse of the technology 20 years back. What do you see? Only PC, mostly desktop computers which were mostly used for building our businesses and making life easier. Then around ten years ago, laptops entered the scenario and started replacing desktop. Laptops are more mobile, consume lesser energy and can be taken anywhere you go. And yet, laptops are heavy. Even the lightweight laptops do weigh around 1 kilogram after all!

Then came the time of smartphone and tablets. The smartphone and tablets today are so powerful that they will soon replace our laptops. Who even thought that quad-core processors will eventually find their way into smartphones and tablets? Despite the fact that there are still many programs which you can’t run on your mobile OS, the gap between PC and these high-tech gadgets is reducing fast. With increased mobility, we now need to access our cloud data from mobile devices more than ever before.

There are many great cloud backup service providers offering amazing apps for your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is to keep your computer backed up over certain time periods. Let’s check out the top 5 cloud backup service providers with the best app support for mobiles.

Top 5 Cloud Storage for Your Mobile


If you’re looking for the best mobile experience from your cloud service provider, there are a few ones which are better than JustCloud. With JustCloud, you can enjoy fast backup solution with high ease of use. The best thing about JustCloud is that it uses Amazon S3 standard security system, ensuring top-notch data security. For personal use and also for business plans, JustCloud can be really awesome. The maximum data storage capacity is 1TB, which is available in the business plan.

JustCloud poses no file restriction. Besides, private file sharing is supported over multiple mobile platforms with consistent performance. The user interface is pretty neat and user-friendly. Nearly in all the mobile platforms available for JustCloud, the user ratings were very high. Use JustCloud in your mobile device for a couple of days and trust me, you won’t go looking for any other cloud service ever again!


SugarSync is not really a cloud backup service, it’s more of a file syncing service which does not compromise even when it comes to backing up your data! SugarSyncis also very popular for the huge amount of storage it gives away for free. The free storage  starts from 5 GB, which can be raised up to 32 GB if you’re willing to do some referrals. If you’re interested in the paid package, at just $7.49, you can get 60 GB and at $9.99, you get 100 GB of data storage. This price is surely an impressive one but there are other features due to which SugarSync made our list.

While using Dropbox, you need to put your stuff into the “Dropbox” folder for syncing. In case of SugarSync, you don’t have to do that for syncing. Which means, file management became a lot easier. SugarSync also allows you to edit your documents on the move. The mobile apps support iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile too. In a nutshell, SugarSync is awesome.


Show me one person who has used one cloud service in his life and it’s not Dropbox! Dropbox is one of the most popular and most widely used cloud service providers out there. The mobile app support of Dropbox is simply spectacular and compatible with all popular mobile OS. When you have a registered account, setting up Dropbox is a piece of cake. There’s the public folder which allows you to share public links of any file you want to share.

The user interface is beautiful and elegant, extremely easy to use. The free storage is 2GB on sign up. I love Dropbox and the way it works. If you’re looking for a cheap cloud storage for your mobile device without going through the hassles of customization, go for Dropbox! Learn about the impact of IT trends on mobile cloud computing.


SkyDrive is the brainchild of tech giant Microsoft. Ever since its inception, SkyDrive has acquired wide popularity on both Mac and PC. Since it has been designed by Microsoft, the Windows users are more familiar with SkyDrive. They have a great free plan offering up to 7GB data storage on signing up. The mobile application from SkyDrive supports multiple mobile platforms except that of Blackberry and Kindle.

The SkyDrive application outlook is very simple and easy to use. You won’t have to search around for what you need. When it comes to choosing a good cloud storage service for mobile devices, most people prefer to choose Dropbox. However, SkyDrive is a smart service and you should definitely give it a try!


Mozy can be said to be one of the pioneers of online cloud backup services. It’s also very well-known, all thanks to the advertisement department of the company! Mozy costs you $5.99 per month offering 50 GB storage and at $9.99, you get 125 GB storage space. Although this might not sound to be a huge volume of space, it’s well enough to keep most of our personal data backed up. Hard drives with 1TB capacity does not even offer the full 1 TB for data storage as some storage space is consumed by the operating system and the software. And no one uploads an HD movie on the cloud. From that view point, 125 GB is pretty big.

Mozy offers top quality customer support and performance at a cheap price. All your files backed up in the Mozy server can be accessed from the Mozy mobile application. The files can be previewed and downloaded. Mozy is a great app with a really good mobile support.

The demand for a good mobile cloud service is on the rise. Get your favorite mobile cloud backup service and don’t forget to check out our No.01 cloud service provider – JustCloud!