Why You Shouldn’t Create Your Own Cloud Backup

Paul Niemeyer

By Paul Niemeyer
December 27, 2013


5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Create Your Own Cloud Backup

In modern days, cloud storage is the most popular backup system. By cloud storage we understand an online managed backup which provides us with a system for storage and recovery of computer files. Having a cloud backup system is very beneficial. But, it has a few disadvantages. Having a self owned cloud storage might turn out to be a burden for someone. Let’s check out the main reasons as to why you shouldn’t create your own cloud backup service.

① Lack of Skill and Time

The major disadvantage of creation of own cloud is that one may lack in required technical skills for creating it. Good skills are also required for the management at its running condition.  Now a days, storage technology has developed a lot and it is really easier to create a cloud of own. But lack of skill makes the road too uneven and ultimately frustration attacks the total attempt.

Skills for cloud management cannot be got overnight. The newbies in cloud management can make some simple mistakes. But these simple mistakes can make huge problems.So, if someone is lacking in skill of cloud management, then it is wise not to start one of his/her own.

Like any other work, cloud management requires time. For normal situation, management does not need hours actually. But if a newbie creates any problem, then a huge time is needed to fix it up.To get back into its running condition, sometimes days are required. An example can be sited.Updates and patches installation may take several hours a month. And it may take more time if something does not go as planned. Installation of updates should be smooth.

② Trouble in keeping pace with technology

Like all other technology, cloud technology develops in a very fast process. And it is really difficult keeping pace with the development of hardware and software. All sorts of latest hardware is not actually necessary all times. May be the latest cloud apps are not that much fruitful. Other than the latest technologies, there are a lot of technologies which are actually very important to follow. Huge time is required to keep pace with all updates. Also money is needed to purchase the necessary versions. with the help of commercial cloud, all the problems are easily solved. So, it is another justified reason for not making own cloud storage. Read Cloud Tweak’s article on Personal Cloud.

③ Making own cloud is an expensive option

If we are concerned about the monetary value of own cloud, here remains the possibility of drastic variations. A heavy user usually need a huge space and sometimes need to access a number of users to the storage. In that case maintaining own cloud becomes very difficult. If we compare with the offers of commercial cloud and price of all equipment, it seems that the personal cloud owner may need four to six months to pay for the same offer and equipment.

So, it is much more economic to go for the commercial storage than creating own cloud. Some estimates can be done in this perspective. A user may need $2000 for the purchase of storage equipment. If the user go for commercial storage, the user can take the same service from the vendor by $50. It shows that commercial storage is saving the expense of almost 40 months which is equivalent to three and a half years. This period of time is really long.

But creating own cloud is not always the costly option. It can be in both ways. The user can have a check by comparing the amount to be paid to the commercial service provider for the price of new equipment per month. By doing so, the user can easily have an idea if it is cheaper for him or not. $2000 is average cost of equipment for cloud management. With the help of fine parameters, cheaper offers are available.

For precise cost calculation, the user may add the expense of sotfware licenses. The hourly payment of cloud admin should be added too. As time is money, if the user administers cloud on his own, that should have a price too.

④ Security and Reliability

Our data is more secured in cloud storage than in our own hands. But it is only true if we know how to make it secured in the storage. And to make it secured in the storage is too hard. Sometimes skilled persons collapses in making it secured.

Security itself has several steps. At first, the user need to make sure that the cloud is physically secured. It should not be kept in a place where unauthorized entry is very easy. The protection against anti-hacker is too important.

Another very important issue is reliability. Data should be protected in a way so that it is available when it is needed. Other than backups, many other measures are involved. To keep a 24*7 availability of data, a lot of measures are need to be adopted.

⑤ Unused space

Commercial clouds generally offers the exact amount of storage space that an user were asking for. Theoretically it seems that, we have more flexibility with our own cloud. But practically it does not happen so.

There remains possibility of two events.

  1. The need of the user may change
  2. Present space may become inadequate.

For the expansion , the user need to buy another equipment. The equipment could be even more costly. If the need is temporary, then a lot of space will remain unused after buying the new equipment. Though it is not costing a lot, but it is still something the user is paying for what he is not using at all. So, with personal cloud storage it is too hard to get the exact amount of space. Sometimes it is much and sometimes less. It may not be a major problem but it is not worth too.

Creating your own cloud has lots of disadvantages with some advantages too. Definitely using of cloud storage depends on user’s choice. But after all these five reasons, the commercial use seems more legitimate. Check out our Top 10 cloud storage reviews and choose the cloud service that suits you the most!