About Us

Hi and welcome to CloudStorageComparison.net!

This website is created by me (Paul Niemeyer) and my friend and former colleague John Reynolds. Like so many other website this one here has been created because it scratches our own itch: there was no place to find good and solid information about cloud storage services. We get asked a lot by friends and family what the best solution is. And instead of just repeating ourselves over and over again, we decided to put our knowledge into this website that we could use as a reference.

We are both IT-veterans so to speak – we started working with computers back in the 70′s when those were as still as huge as houses. Then we specialized into data storage and backup and worked for international companies across the globe to establish a data backup strategy that would be easy to handle for the corporation and bullet proof (if there is such thing in the backup world).

Just getting started?

So if you’re just getting started and don’t know where to begin, we highly encourage you to read these posts: