Best Multiuser Cloud Storage Providers

Paul Niemeyer

By Paul Niemeyer
November 23, 2013

Best Multiuser Cloud Storage Provider

When cloud storage service was first introduced, it was mostly used as a personal backup and storage solution. With time, multiusers cloud storage services have become greatly popular and very effective for carrying out any team activity or small business. Using a multiuser cloud storage solution, small business owners are endowed with the ability to access, share and preserve the precious data of their company within a limited budget.

There a good number of multiuser cloud storage providers which are cost efficient and convenient enough to help you excel in your team work or business activity with the best features of cloud storage and backup strategies. Let’s check out the Top 5 Multiuser Cloud Storage Providers.


JustCloud is as usual, our No.01 cloud storage provider also leading in the multiuser cloud service provider section. It’s a great cloud service which combines the security features of traditional online backup along with supporting automatic file synchronization. Be it on Windows or Mac, it’s a very clean and simple cloud service that you can rely upon. It allows synchronizing folders over multiple platforms.

Although it does not allow opening multiple accounts for the same storage, it allows connecting a large number of devices on the same network. If you’re in need of a multiuser cloud storage provider for running your business or for smooth functioning of your team project, I would highly recommend to check out the unique features of JustCloud. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Dropbox is a free and extremely easy-to-use cloud based storage service. It allows you to sync and share files between the cloud and your device. The Dropbox for Business supports multiple usersand also provides 1TB of data storage along with a centralized monitoring of the administration, superior security settings and tracing ability for recovering older version of any file type.

Dropbox allows sharing files or folders without any restriction. The best part of Dropbox is its user interface, which is extremely intuitive and easy to manage. The multiuser service of Dropbox functions flawlessly and has put Dropbox on our 2nd position for the best multiuser cloud storage. Read Cloud Tweaks’ article on Top 5 Cloud Storage Myths Your Employees Think Are True.


SugarSync for Business allows syncing and sharing files and folders over multiple devices and multiple users. It supports multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry. SugarSync comes with an Outlook plugin for multiple users working on the same project or under the same company. This plugin allows to email links to larger files instead of attaching those files with the mail. This is a smart way to manage size limitations in case of attachments for emails.

SugarSync offers freemium service for file synchronization and can be a great service if you’re running a small business with more than one users working on the same cloud data documents. SugarSync is available at an affordable price. I personally love SugarSync because of how easy it makes syncing cloud data over multiple devices and for multiple users.

Box allows sharing screenshots and screencasts right from your device, text search within contents along with integration with a large number of third-party services. I’m not a big fan of Box, but it’s worth a try considering the massive positive user feedbacks.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud-based data storage solution. It’s sharing service combines the Google Docs allowing editing and creating documents using the browser. Google Drive shows some tricks too, including the ability to allow file viewing although you don’t have the programs on which they are suppose to run on. Google Drive also ties in with the other Google products with which you’re already familiar, such as Google+, Gmail and Google Chrome.

Google Drive is widely used for multiuser projects and offers multiuser services at a reasonable price. If you’re not the type of person looking forward to experiment with your cloud storage solution, go for Google Drive. It’s one of the smartest providers out there!