Best Online Backup Services of 2013

By Paul Niemeyer
December 7, 2013


Best Online Backup Services of 2013

As an alternative to the typical method of backing up your precious data on a secondary hard drive, a preferable solution is to find an online backup service that stores the valuable data on their servers in the cloud. No extra hard wares are need for this backup process and once it’s been launched, the automated system can instantaneously perform its task when the computer remains in sleep.

In the last few years, since the development of the concept of online data storage and safety, there’s been a revolution. First of all, there exist now almost four dozen companies that are providing online backup services. More useful and outstanding automatic features have been added. Apart from recovering data to the host computer system, a number of service providers now let you to gain access to the stored files using your smartphone or tablet or to share them to your colleagues or friends.

① – JustCloud

JustCloud is the most effective online backup solution and it is also popular for its performance in storing files and documents in the cloud. JustCloud is completely automated and makes the backup process just like a breeze.

Once you have approved the schedule backup on installed application on your desktop or JustCloud’s Control Panel, you can sit back and make it easy for JustCloud to deal with your backups automatically. It’s what I personally recommend JustCloud for your routine backup. JustCloud is clearly one of the best online backup services.



I think, data recovery process should be simple, since there would be no points of importance in backing them up. JustCloud precisely makes this whole process simple and helps you to restore every single file from both the desktop application and Control Panel is just several clicks.

JustCloud reward its premium clients with the solution to back up an unlimited amount of data including a variety of files like video, music, photos, documents or graphic files. All of these features are offered at low monthly rate. I suggest you to take a visit to the detail pricing plans of JustCloud that you can find easily throughout this website.

② – CrashPlan

CrashPlan is truly an exceptional online cloud storage service that you should choose to save your valuable data and happy memories in a much safer place. What is the most appreciable aspect of CrashPlan? This service is incorporated with an excellent automated software and offers various options to pick out the preferable cost effective plans that suit your needs.



CrashPlan is popular for its full box of exclusive features. It has an excellent user interface that the clients are experiencing. The useful features are readily available including an online recovery option, consistent backup, 448-bit encryption level, and the cornerstone of a solid and reliable backup application tool.

CrashPlan offers an unlimited plan at $5.99 /month for a single computer. Its Family Plan costs $13.99 /month that offers an unlimited volume of backup storage for more than two computers under a single account.

You can get discounts up to 40% if you agree to prepay for a four years usage commitment. This is a positive thing when you are planning to back up your data for a long-term basis.

③ – Carbonite

Any incomparable backup service needs to be automatic, user friendly, proficient, and easy to recover from. Carbonite is surely one of these.

A lot of people have given a positive feedback about the online backup plans offered by Carbonite. These pricing plans have been preferable options for long period of time. My personal experience has also been optimistic in the same way.



The plan for Home Online Backup Service of Carbonite costs $59.99 per year and offers an unlimited volume for backing up your data. Several other tiers that you can purchase include Home Plus and Home Premier. These plans will cost $99.99 per year and $149.99 per year respectively.

Some customers claimed that they had experienced bandwidth throttling and slow uploads while using Carbonite. But, Carbonite took this claim into consideration and fixed this issue with excellence. So, Carbonite stays clean!


④ – BackBlaze

Backblaze has been reported as one of the most popular online backup service of 2013. I personally appreciate Backblaze. This is because, everything about Backblaze is so manageable, particularly when it comes to its pricing plans and user interface.


A bright side that brings Backblaze this enormous popularity is that you will never feel bounded when backing up your files. Because of the fact that there is no limitation in file size. So, what does that actually mean? It means you can ultimately back up your 100GB internal hard drive and maximum 12 hour long 1080p videos.

Backblaze offers an unlimited volume to back up your data at $5 /month for a single computer.  This cost can fall down to $3.96/month if you agree to use their services for at least two years. I think, this is the most cost effective plan I’ve ever reviewed for unlimited backup.

If you’re worried about the complicated process of online backup, then Backblaze is surely the service that you’ll love to use.

⑤ – LiveDrive

Livedrive, an online backup service offers an impressive combination of backup plans, an affordable solution to incorporate computers, along with an incredibly powerful user interface for both mobile and desktop application.



The Livedrive comes with an unlimited online backup solution that will cost $8.00 per month for a single computer. You can add an additional computer by paying $1.5 per month. Livedrive has some other impressive pricing plans including Briefcase and Pro Suite. With Briefcase plan, Livedrive offers 2 TB of online backup storage at $16 per month and Pro Suite offers 5 TB at $25 per month.

These plans provide you with a few extra features including multi-computer supporting backup, file reworking and sharing, and even more. Every single backup plans of Livedrive offers appreciable discounts in case you confirmed your prepayment for one or two years. Read how you can disaster proof your backup data on PC Mag.

Due to AES-256 encryption system, a smart interface, and reasonable pricing strategy any of the competitive plans of Livedrive would be an ideal choice.

Despite the fact that every online backup service does the same common task – storing your data to the cloud, they offer a wide range of features and pricing plans which make it relatively simple and easy to pick out the right one among them, as outlined by your needs.