The Best Online Backups for Ubuntu

Paul Niemeyer

By Paul Niemeyer
December 26, 2013


The Best Online Backups for Ubuntu

Even though, Linux is fairly a dependable operating system and has crash free behavior, backing up your precious data should not be overlooked.  Primarily, hardware failure or erroneous operations are responsible for data lost, not your stable OS. Therefore, backup comes out to be an essential safety protocol while using your computers, even if you have Linux installed in it.

Many sysadmins have a trend of backing up in external hard drives and file servers. These backup types are not secured as well. I think the most affordable, secured and convenient way to back up your files in Ubuntu is to go for an Online Backup Service. Now, I’m here to introduce you to some of the best online backup services that you can pick out for Ubuntu.

Top Online Backup Services for Ubuntu

✔ CrashPlan

CrashPlan is simply the greatest online backup service for Ubuntu.  CrashPlan has introduced a client software that incorporates multiple operations more than just backing up your Ubuntu.  It provides an outstanding service in the field of online cloud service.

CrashPlan works in a different way. You can back up your files to external hard disk or in any file servers for free with the help of the client software of CrashPlan. This software is compatible with Linux and thus works as a great support in backup process.  If you would like to back up your data with more safety and security, then CrashPlan+ can be an ideal alternative. Currently CrashPlan+ offers three pricing plans:

  1. CrashPlan+ 10GB: This plan offers 10GB of backup storage at $2.5 per month for a single computer.
  2. CrashPlan+ Unlimited: Ignore the bandwidth limitation, with CrashPlan+ Unlimited backup your Ubuntu at $5 per month in a single computer.
  3. CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited: This plan seems to be the best one. You can have unlimited backup storage for maximum 10 computers at $10 per month.


  • CrashPlan comes with an improved file versioning system.
  • It has smooth controls on CPU utilization and bandwidth usage.
  • Its client software has a neat and well-organized interface.
  • CrashPlan also features multiple backup terminals and advanced scheduling.

✔ Dropbox

Dropbox has been a popular name in cloud computing. It has become one of the most preferred online storage and data backup services. Though Dropbox is a little bit far from being the best, it is still considered as one of the best data backup service because of its functionality and ease of use. Dropbox has cross-platform compatibility and the client software works great in Ubuntu as it does in Windows and Mac. This client software provides great support in all the platforms with the same features and the users find it friendly and comprehensible.

Dropbox offers 2GB of free backup storage when you get yourself signed up. You can get additional 500MB, when you use the referral link provided in your account to invite a friend, so he can join the Dropbox community as well. Some quests that complete your profile will give you bonus space. Considering the referrals and Quest, you will get 16GB of free space in total. This is definitely a substantial amount of space that you can use for backing up your Ubuntu for free. Need more space for your Ubuntu? Get 50GB at $9.99/month and 100GB will cost you $19.99 per month.


  • Dropbox is versatile and compatible with all the popular platforms.
  • It has native app for numerous mobile platform including iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Dropbox features the option to add more free space with referrals and completing the quests.

✔ SpiderOak

SpiderOak is basically a cloud storage service that provides safe online backups in multiple platforms including Linux. SpiderOak offers file syncing service with its primary focus on the secure backup for your Ubuntu.

This is a direct and easy process when it comes to simple backups. However, restoring in SpiderOak is something more byzantine. You have to restore the old versions of each files to complete the restoration process. The client software of SpiderOak has numerous advanced features.  However, the messy interface and disorderly navigation will make you spend more time to be acquainted with the process of operating a task.

SpiderOak offers you 2GB of free storage for backup when you will register. Plus+ plan of SpiderOak will give you 100GB of storage and for this you have to pay $10/month. Each increment of 100GB will charge you additional $10. One of the plus point about SpiderOak is you can back up unlimited computers with these plans.


  • SpiderOak supports multiple platforms including Linux. So, you don’t have to face an issue while using it on Ubuntu.
  • It is a service that equally provides file syncing and data backup service.

✔ Wuala

Wuala is another multi-platform supporting online backup service that lets Ubuntu users to back up, store, send and share files and documents with great efficiency.

Wuala is very enthusiastic about the privacy and security of your files. Every single file is encrypted on your computer and also Wuala never gets your password. This safety protocol is not used by the top backup service providers yet.

This cloud storage service has made the backup process easier than before. You can set backup interval for each file. Wuala back up incrementally and only upload the modifications made to the files. This is unfortunate that the files backed up cannot be restored to their original directories. Learn how Google dumped custom Linux on Cloud Tweaks.

With Wuala, you are offered 5GB of storage at zero cost. Additional 10 GB will set you back $29 per year. There are some other plans according to the volume of your backup. Even 1 TB can be purchased for $799 per year.


  • Wuala features Time Travel where you are able to get all the changes made in a folder over the time with a slider.
  • It is properly integrated with Ubuntu and incorporates a good usability that makes it stand apart from the competitors in the Linux platform.


Hard drives may fail at any time. A survey conducted by Google has disclosed that 6% of hard drives are subjected to failure within first year of installation. Being an Ubuntu user, you must be careful about backing up your computer so that not a single file from an important folder gets lost. If you didn’t think about the online backup before, well, think about now! Besides, you should definitely checkout JustCloud – our No.01 cloud storage service provider.