How to get 100GB Free Cloud Storage

By Paul Niemeyer
November 28, 2013

How To Get 100 GB Free Cloud Storage

Cloud storages have now become extremely popular with a good number of cloud storage providers ready at your service. We all know about JustCloud, SkyDrive, LiveDrive, SugarSync and such other popular cloud storage service providers. These providers offer free services up to a certain limit for instance, Dropbox offers free storage up to 2 GB. But it’s very difficult to find a cloud storage solution who’s offering 100 GB of free cloud data. However, we did find a particular cloud storage provider offering 100 GB free data storage. Let’s check out the offer from, which has been introduced by Shared Media – a bootstrapped company started with a small budget and managed by 4 persons!


Starting with is offering an amazing 100 GB of cloud data storage absolutely for free. May be this is their way of entering the world of cloud storage services and somehow they have created quite an uproar among the cloud consumers. Using, you can drag and drop you important files, which can be shared instantly. The limit for individual file size on is 2 Gigabytes.

Uploading Files on

It’s good to see that there is no speed reduction difference between the Free version and the Pro version. The site offers downloading cloud files without forcing you into advertisements. It has a very simple service interface and according to Florian Cervenka, the CTO of the project, they are taking time to realize the needs of their initial clients and making the required changes from the feedback of their users. is a complete newcomer in the cloud service arena and offers a higher storage capacity for the premium users. Only by signing up for the service, offers you instant 100 GB of free data storage. There is no need to subscribe to any referral program for winning this whole online space. They can be considered to be a potential substitute to many of the prominent cloud service providers. To add more spice to their offerings, you have the chance to earn with Shared too!

Data Usage The Features

✓  Comfortable and Easy

Using Shared, you can upload, organize and share your files in seconds. They have a great drag and drop feature making the service faster. The interface is intuitive and smart for a new cloud storage service.

✓  Blazing Fast Speed

You can upload files on Shared extremely fast. Their cloud storage is powerful enough to allow you to upload and share files instantly. You’ll always be ready on the go while using

✓  Great Privacy & Security

The files stored on are under perfect security. Your data is their baby and will stay in a totally safe environment ensuring absolute privacy.

✓  No Installation cloud storage does not require any installation and the service is free from any hassle. No software will need to be installed on your device and everything can be done staying connected to the network.

✓  Organize & Share offers easy organization and sharing of files. The entire process of operation is very simple allowing you to organize all your documents and folders just the way you want and share them with anyone.

✓  Free & Pro Packages

If the free package of does not serve your purpose, go for the Pro version, which provides 1 TB and unlimited packages.

Pricing Plans

The Standard package of offers 100 GB of free storage with 1 parallel download and supporting advertisements. It does not allow hot linking and the maximum individual file size is 2 GB.

The Pro package is available at $9.95 per month and offers 1 TB data storage with instant downloads and unlimited parallel downloads with no advertisements. It allows hot linking and the maximum size for an individual file is 5 GB.

The Pro Plus package costs $24.95 per month offering unlimited data storage and features instant downloads, unlimited parallel downloads, no advertisements and the maximum size for an individual file is 10 GB.

Pricing Plan

The Pros

  • Offers 100 GB Free Storage
  • User friendly interface featuring drag and drop
  • Speedy uploads and downloads
  • Allows sharing files with email and social networks
  • SSL and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) provided
  • No software installation required

The Cons

  • Hot linking not allowed
  • Parallel downloads not more than one
  • Collaboration not available
  • Individual file password protection not offered
  • Mobile apps are not available

To wrap it up, Shared is an okay cloud service if you’re not focusing on the most exclusive features of a cloud storage provider and mainly looking for a high capacity dump for your digital data. Check out the best cloud service providers from our Top 10 list! Check out How You Can Get 100 GB Free Cloud Storage using more than one cloud services.