How Teachers Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

Paul Niemeyer

By Paul Niemeyer
December 25, 2013


How Teachers Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

Cloud backup is a remote, online managed backup service that provides users with a system for the backupstorage, and recovery of computer files. Because of cloud technology, our working style, use of computers even our learning method has improved a lot. It enables a user to access a network of remote servers unlike a local server and provides technological advances. Cloud backup already has a huge impact on our education and it is growing day by day. Teachers can benefit largely from cloud storage technology.

1. Reliability:

Cloud backup is very reliable. It provides the opportunity to backup all files on a server besides computer hard drives. Cloud backup ensures the safety of stored information. Cloud storage protects important research papers or lectures from hard disk crash or any other technical issue. And cloud technology ensures that no fraud gets access to sensitive information. Because it is password protected. For additional security, provisions can be made to place restriction on the content of individual folder and set password for them.

2. Huge storage capability:

One of the main advantages of cloud storage is that, it has lots of space. Cloud provides the opportunity to store things like documents, videos, presentations which are extremely necessary for teachers. These stored documents and presentations can help the students understand the ideas and concepts in the classroom. It allows the teachers to remain organized knowing all their materials are safe at a specific location. Without moving their laptops or hard drives teachers may use their necessary files on regular basis by using cloud storage.

3. Resource Sharing:

Cloud storage presents the teachers with the chance to share valuable lectures of each other. With the help of cloud storage teachers can create a common website and share all their expertise in it. As all the resources of teachers are stored at one place, this technology helps them to create the best lectures and avoid duplication. Furthermore, from a shared space teachers can access all administrative documents.

4. Freedom of using own device:

Sometimes the technical facilities of a school may not be up to the standard. As a result, many teachers have to bear the frustration of using unhandy technology. It gets even worse when he/she has a finer laptop at home.  Cloud technology relieves the teachers from this discomfort. By virtue of this technology teachers can use their own gadget freely in their workplace.

5. Ease of grading:

Teachers can give assignments and home works online via the cloud. They can post assignments and grade them easily with much comfort by using cloud technology. Applying the cloud system, teachers can allow the students to submit their assignments online without printing anything. Cloud technology helps the teachers to grade faster and more accurately.

6. Collaboration with other teachers and students:

Cloud technology has eased the communication between teachers and students. It has revolutionized educational collaboration. If creation of a new course is required, the teachers can accumulate all the basic files in a cloud depository so that everyone can work on them and use them when required. Cloud technology has eliminated the requirement of physical contact for collaboration. Working with teachers in other institutions and countries is now very easy.

Students are also benefited from online storage. Now they don’t have to worry about losing any important lectures and notes due to unavoidable situations. Cloud materials are easily very accessible. With cloud storage working on class projects has become lot easier. Cloud storage offers teachers to communicate more freely and effectively with their students which is beneficial for both parties and our education system. Cloud technology has brought a different dimension in our monotonous education system.

7. Running Necessary Applications:

In many schools when demanding for necessary educational software teachers have to hear, “It is not in the budget.” This problem can be avoided using cloud storage. Because using cloud technology is a lot cheaper. The school budget can extend much further by its application. Some providers like Jolidrive offers free application which will cut the software licensing cost. For example Google drivegives easy access to various useful applications at a very low cost.

8. Easy to track  Changes:

Sometimes after changing a file, we decide that we don’t like the new one. Cloud technology gives a great solution to the problem. It keeps track of changes made to a particular file. So, it is very easy to restore the original information. Therefore, if stored in cloud, teachers won’t have to run around to retract any data which was accidentally changed.

9. Reduces use of paper:

Cloud technology is very eco friendly. It is particularly helpful for teachers who are interested in green issues. Using this technology can reduce the use of paper to many folds.  Unnecessary printing wastes a huge amount of paper. Reducing paper use is beneficial for both environment and financially. Cloud technology in addition to reducing a school’s printing bill helps protect the environment. Reduction of paper is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Huge amount of time and money can be saved.
  2. Reduction in paper use means decreasing deforestation.

10. Far-reaching:

Many third world countries cannot provide their students and teachers with quality education. Students are deprived from quality education due to absence of standard schools. By using cloud storage students all over the world can be benefited. Light of knowledge can be spread all over the world through the use of Cloud technology.

Cloud storage is awesome. Why? Because cloud storage is:

  • Less costly
  • Secured and reliable
  • Easy for communication
  • Features wide range of functions

Cloud computing has improved our educational environment a lot. It enhances communication and makes learning much more enjoyable and smooth. It has totally changed our paper intensive education system. Delivery of education is now revolutionized by the use of Cloud. Check out our No.01 cloud storage service – JustCloud! It also offers free 2GB space for students!