iCloud vs. Google Drive vs. SkyDrive vs. JustCloud

Paul Niemeyer

By Paul Niemeyer
December 4, 2013


iCloud vs. Google Drive vs. SkyDrive vs. JustCloud

We’re living in an age when people are adopting cloud storage solutions more than ever before through their computers or smartphones or tablets. Cloud storage options are not just some flaunted buzzwords for business disappearing in a snap in the background today. Let’s compare four of the most competitive players in the online cloud zone and see who tops the spot!

A lot of corporate tech companies have started offering online cloud storage services for the consumer market. This is probably one of the reasons to why the term ‘cloud’ has become so popular among all casual and business users. I believe that cloud storage is truly the future of server infrastructure and soon enough, each and every household will inviting open the door for the advancement of cloud storage technology. With the evolution of the simplest personal cloud storage services for general consumers, like JustCloud and Google Drive, it’s just a matter of time.

iCloud, Google Drive, SkyDrive and JustCloud are now the leading cloud storage giants requiring no introduction. All of these services are super hitters, common names for your households and boasts excellent file management with high hopes for victory. In the end, there is only one winner!

Apple iCloud

The Apple iCloud offers a very clean and shiny outlook, coming from one of the most trusted providers of the tech world today. After all, an Apple service never sucked, right? If you’re looking for the best cloud backup for your basic needs, such as backing up a few gigabytes of documents or photos to the cloud and syncing them over your devices, Apple iCloud is very functional and effective.

iCloud Windows Control Panel

Apple iCloud backs up the data from the calender, contacts, photostream, email, iTunes and iWork on your Apple device. If you’re using an Apple gadget, iCloud is a great cloud service provider for you. However, if you need to backup large volumes of data, this provider will cut your pocket really deep. The cloud storage of iCloud is completely exclusive to the own devices from Apple and your experience will be very much limited unless you’re using an Apple products such as an iPad, iPhone or Macbook!


  1. iCloud is compatible with iOS devices, Mac and Windows operating system
  2. Offers automatic data backup on iPhone, iPad and Macbook
  3. Flawless music backup is featured by iTunes Match
  4. Offers spontaneous photo syncing on Apple devices

Microsoft SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a service from the tech giant Microsoft and despite Microsoft’s aim at establishing a simple interface for the consumers, SkyDrive has probably gone against the grain. A random user would find SkyDrive much difficult to understand at first. The navigation is not very smooth and the entire interface clumsily deviates from the simple track. If you’ve been using Hotmail for quite some time, you’ll probably enjoy the benefits of SkyDrive as it is compatible with Microsoft services.

SkyDrive allows you to view and edit your files offline when needed and this facility can be enjoyed only when you’re using a Google Chrome browser for the Google Drive. The price tag of SkyDrive is very reasonable although the service still needs to go a long way to establish its reign in the kingdom of online cloud storage.


  1. Clear and consistent user interface suitable for Microsoft lovers
  2. Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  3. Allows very easy file sharing over any smart device
  4. The file synchronization method is quite smooth and fast
  5. Web interface allows instant access to your files and media
  6. The primary storage space is 7GB.

Google Drive

Google is a company who casts a massive shadow over the entire technology industry and Google Drive is a very impressive production under Google’s cloud service. Google drive is perfectly efficientand has some very nifty features. There is a point to note, that the Google Drive cloud service works the best when used for Google Docs applications and not everyone will be greatly  benefited by it.

When collaborating your office data with a large team, there are few cloud services which are better than Google Drive. Google Docs are now widely used throughout the world and hence, Google Drive can be a great choice if you’re a regular Google Doc user. It is assumed that Google is working on winning the battle for the Big Data zone and aiming to take over the cloud service providers such as Amazon and Rackspace with a view to reselling their own storage to companies which possess better features, a higher customer support and excellent user interfaces just like JustCloud.


  1. Google Drive is great for collaboration
  2. It offers file syncing and offline access to cloud documents
  3. Features built-in Optical Character Reader technology
  4. Suitable when used for storing Google file formats for documents
  5. Clean and intuitive interface with smooth navigation


Although JustCloud is definitely not the first cloud service provider to escape your lips, but it’s entrance to the cloud storage arena is certainly a fresh start. When you’re considering the cloud storage plans, the attractive price plans of JustCloud really make a difference. You’ll find lots of cheap cloud storage providers in the market. The main thing that separates JustCloud from the rest is the comprehensive features they offer.

Just Cloud

Navigate through the extremely user friendly control panel of JustCloud for around 10 minutes and you’ll see the difference for yourself. The multitude of free apps provide a greater advantage and the unique roads taken by the JustCloud team is very appreciable. The home-suited cloud storage is excellent and the they’re also offering mobile support for serving your cloud needs on the go.