Is “Free” The Right Choice?

Storing files online is the latest trend that everybody is talking about. Our lives get more digital, we have a laptop, a desktop PC and a mobile phone and we want constant access to our files like photos, videos or presentations. The one problem is: accessing those files can become a chore. You have to think: where exactly did I store that presentation or video? When was the last time I opened it? Do I still need to keep a copy of that files? Can I access that file on my mobile device? There just so many questions and there is no easy answer.

Services that store your files in the cloud or online help you organize your data across multiple computers with features like file synchronization, streaming or backup. You can forget external hard drives as all your most important files are always at your fingertips. Another advantage is that your files are safe from disasters such as fires or theft. You should always keep a local copy of your data but you can be sure that if accidents happen you are protected. The better services also offer special encryption technology that help you keep your files private. Especially for business and team collaboration this is an essential feature.

You don’t have to worry about losing data anymore. Remember the times when you had to backup your files manually? Now you can program backups with a click of a button. Have a look at our comparison chart to find the best service for your needs.