JustCloud Review

By Paul Niemeyer
April 6, 2014



Get Ready For The Next Gen Cloud Storage: JustCloud

Wait a minute! You’re here because cloud storage is something that interests you.

You think that storing all your files in ‘the cloud’ can be the solution to all your problems, such as: remote files access, data backup, file sharing and syncing and much more.

JustCloud is a true power house and you will find a lot of features to your specific needs.

So why would you want to choose JustCloud?

Many people say using cloud storage is crap!

I say, screw them. They have no idea. They are afraid that their data might get “exposed” but are pretty much oblivious to the fact that they upload photos to Facebook all the time.

Which is worse. 

If you’re using JustCloud ( or ANY cloud storage service) you need to know how – it is possible to securely store your files. JustCloud is one of the services which makes it pretty easy, though.

In this review you’ll find out why I recommend JustCloud to my friends.

This review is getting quite long as we continuously update it – so I thought a table of contents might be the best idea. Here you go.

Who is JustCloud for?

If a cloud storage system is nothing new to you, then you’re most likely aware that there are countless other companies offering the same type of service. So how do you know if JustCloud is for you? These are some of the reasons why:

  • If you’re looking for affordability, then this is for you! Most similar services cost twice as much as JustCloud. It will save you more to sign up for the two year plans although you can also choose from different plans available including 2 years, 1 year, half year, and monthly. The longer terms you subscribe for, the cheaper the fees become. You’ll get a money-back-guarantee on top in case it doesn’t turn out to be what you need.
  • If you want a secure place for your video and photo collection – JustCloud is something I can recommend. Of course, there are some exception to this rule: If you plan on streaming all your music and videos JustCloud might not be the best cloud storage solution. You can access your files online and download them to your device and then play them back, though.
  • If you are wondering whether JustCloud works on and iPad or iPhone or Mac – there are good news: JustCloud provides you with Apps so that you can access your files from your favorite mobile device. Keep in mind that JustCloud focuses on the desktop app, so don’t expect any miracles when it comes to the mobile version – they work solid and don’t generally crash but there are certainly better apps.
  • Also, JustCloud is a good app to backup your emails (for example is you’re using Outlook or Thunderbird). Just make sure you select the .pst file in your backup selection.
  • JustCloud can work as an alternative for Dropbox – but you have to pay for more than 1GB of syncing space. Dropbox offers 2GB for free so it’s slightly better in terms of free storage. Looking at just performance I can’t see much of a difference between the two – I find myself using Dropbox less and less because I like to have everything in one place.

JustCloud Pricing, Plans (UK, US and Europe)

JustCloud is offered in several languages and their pricing is not much different depending on which country you live in. Here are the prices for US, if you’re living in the UK you can expect to pay the same amount but with a different sign in front of the price.

What About Upload Speeds/Limits?

Generally, when you sign up for JustCloud you should really go for the unlimited plan even if you don’t have “unlimited” data. It’s just the best bang for your buck. What I personally dislike (and it is reflected in the comments you can find below) is that they use a lot of “upsells” which means you need to pay for some extra services.

They don’t limit your upload speed which is good but you’ll get a file size limit of 1GB unless of course you purchase an upgrade. Those upgrades are not expensive but they tend to be very obtrusive and limit my user experience. However, once you’ve unsubscribed from their JustCloud email list you’re pretty much left is peace.

I talk about the automatic video backup features below. But here is a sneak peak into their upgrade funnel:

About JustCloud

JustCloud is part of the JDI Backup Group – a company that specializes is backup software for consumers. They operate JustCloud under a variety of brands, such as ZipCloud, BackupGenie and MyPCBackup. I have tested those services, too, and I find JustCloud to be the easiest to use and it performed the best in my test.

While technically those services run the same infrastructure they seem to be managed by different teams. Therefore it seems that JustCloud seems to be their pet project.

JDI Backup was founded back in 2010 so they already have a couple of years track record but of course can’t compete with industry veterans such as SOS Online Backup or Norton (but we’re not looking for a mere backup service, aren’t we?). JustCloud is one of their first products and they continuously update it (as a former sys admin I like when companies have frequent update cycles – which means they constantly work on their software).

Can JustCloud Be Trusted?

I can’t tell you 100% if you can trust JustCloud. That’s the truth – I’d be dishonest with you if I said something else. What I can tell you is that I use JustCloud for my personal files. I use them for my photos and other digital files I want to protect from disasters. I know, JustCloud has been on the market for several years and that’s already a good sign.

I have used many services in the past that were just bought up by some large cooperation and immediately after ceased their service. I sincerely hope that this is not the case with JustCloud as I would have to look for another main service to store my data.

Nobody can give you a guarantee. Do your due diligence before signing up for any provider. That way you can avoid bad surprises.

Backing up Files

Backing up files begins just by downloading an appropriate app or software onto your device. Even without subscribing to a paid plan, you can already avail of the service through a limited free trial. Simply select which files you need to backup and upload it to the cloud service. But the actual speed of backing up your files will depend on your Internet connection.

With the addition of the Drag and Drop option, you don’t have to download anything on your device to back up your files. Simply highlight the files you want to backup and drag them towards the corresponding Drag and Drop window on your online control panel. Once you subscribe for the monthly service, you can backup files from all your devices except for external hard drives which require a separate fee.

Restoring files

There are two ways to restore your files. From your JustCloud account, simply click on the file you intend to restore. But if you need to restore a large amount of file, you will need to do so from the desktop application on your computer. This will then provide you the option to select which files to restore and unto which device it will be restored.


Not all cloud storage services are created equal; thus, there are features which may or may not be available in a certain service. As for JustCloud, here are some of the features you will love:


  1. Multiple Syncing Capabilities. You can sync various devices including desktops computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and mobile phones. Similarly, you can view files from any of the devices where your files are synced. There is no limit to the number of devices you can sync with your account.
  2. Access on the Go. As long as Internet connection is available, you can access your JustCloud space online even while on the go.
  3. File and Folder Sharing. You can share your files with everyone through a custom link. This also allows the party to collaborate with you when it comes to file backup and modification. They can literally use your space depending on the level of authority you have allowed them to have on your account.
  4. Data Security and Protection. Your files are encrypted with the web industry standard 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. Our cloud data centers are also monitored 24/7 for your data’s physical protection.


  1. Unlimited Data Storage. Not all competing services can offer unlimited data storage. But this is only available when you subscribe. The problem with JustCloud is that its trial version offers a very limited data storage space.
  2. Automated Backup. You can schedule online backup at a specified time, duration, and with other noted specifications. You can backup selected files only; backup hourly, and even backup when devices are idle.
  3. Backup All Types of Files. These include movies, videos, music, photos, emails, documents, PDFs, and more.
  4. Lost Laptop Tracker. This enables you to locate a laptop in case it’s lost through the hourly tracker.
  5. Geo Redundant Storage. This means that we maintain several replicas of your files elsewhere (through our data centers) in order to ensure that your data is completely backed up in case of unforeseen circumstances in which one center is compromised or damaged.
  6. File Versioning. You can access previous versions of the same file whenever it’s revised. You have 7 days to try it and will need to subscribe subsequently thereafter with an option of choosing a 30 days only service or unlimited.


  1. Support. 24/7 support is available via phone and email with video tutorials and resources on the site’s help center. Network drive and NAS Drive are also supported.
  2. Referral Program. You can earn by being an affiliate or reseller of this service.

Final Recommendation

JustCloud is no doubt the industry’s winner when it comes to online backup and cloud storage services. You can rely upon it for security, affordability, versatility in terms of features available, user-friendly control panel, and for an unlimited space for your data backup needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About JustCloud

As this site is getting more popular over time I’m getting more emails asking specifics about JustCloud and why I and John recommend this service. So we try to continuously improve this article in future answering your emails and putting some of the questions here.

How Many Computers Does JustCloud Support?

JustCloud is a cloud storage service which offers unlimited storage which unfortunately comes with the downside of a limited amount of machines that are included in the standard plan. So let’s see how much JustCloud would cost you if you wanted to backup and use three computers (devices):

According to our cloud storage finder you’ll get unlimited cloud storage space for 3 computers for around $286.20 – now, there may be some discounts available. On some occasions they have discounts of over 50%. But generally you can expect to pay that amount.

Can I Use JustCloud For My Photos and Videos?

While JustCloud is not a dedicated photo and video storage solution, you can and definitely should use JustCloud for your videos and photos. Make sure your photo collection is stored in one single folder organized into several subfolders – that will give you a perfect overview of your files. You then just select that folder to be backed up with JustCloud – and there you go.

Videos are more complicated to back up and access via JustCloud – they tend to be large and not all file formats can be streamed via the web panel (generally h264 or mp4 is fine). Basically, there are two ways to backup your videos with JustCloud:

  • Automatic Video Backup which will cost and additional 15$ per year
  • Or by using the drag and drop feature to add videos manually

Granted, I believe it would be more user friendly to include free video backup into their plans instead of charging a premium – but it’s not expensive and I can just sleep better at night knowing that my video are safely backed up. Once you’ve upgraded your account you can select your video in your backup stack which can then in turn accessed via the cloud.

After dragging your video into the drag and drop panel it will be uploaded automagically without your intervention. Just make sure you upload the video again when it changes if you don’t want to purchase auto video backup. After your video has been uploaded (it took me around 5 minutes with a 10Mbit connection speed) you can access it from any computer with a modern browser.

The online interface of JustCloud has just been revamped – it has a much more modern feel to it and works faster than before. I’ve been a JustCloud customer for around two years now and that is certainly the best improvement they have made so far. I used to be unhappy with how the interface felt but apparently they invested a bit of my fees into a good designer.

Can I Try JustCloud for Free?

So, we have covered JustCloud’s pricing already and it is certainly important to know if JustCloud provides a free trial or version that you can try out before committing yourself to a service that might not be suited for your needs.

How much free space JustCloud gives certainly depends on what deal you can get when signing up. Normally, you get a very low 15 MB that you can use to play around with. Granted, 15MB is not much but certainly it will let you find out if you like the software and interface. As we have covered before JustCloud gives you either unlimited, 250GB or 75GB storage space.

You can test the service for 14 days which gives you enough time to install JustCloud, upload a few files and see if you can access them remotely.

JustCloud vs the competition

I have been in the cloud storage space for long enough to know that is has become incredibly crowded and competitive. There are literally hundreds of customers who are looking to for new customers. Of course, JustCloud is not the only provider that offers free cloud storage. It is one of the few, however, that advertises ‘unlimited’ cloud storage. So let’s have a look at the competition and how JustCloud performs across the board.

SugarSync is one of the bigger players in the field. They were one of the first services to copy the file sync model that has so successfully been introduced by Dropbox. Yet, SugarSync is cheaper than Dropbox – but how can it compete with JustCloud? You can read our SugarSync review if you’d like to go in-depth with this service because here we just point out some of the major advantages.

If you’re mainly looking to sync your files across multiple devices (for example a Mac, PC and a smart device) then you might want to consider SugarSync provided that you don’t have more than 200GB of files because it will be a lot more expensive than JustCloud.

JustCloud’s strength is certainly more on the backup side of things, although accessing files via the mobile app or the browser works just as good. If you want a lot of syncing space you need to purchase that extra. SugarSync does get endorsed a lot by popular PC magazines but I don’t really think it’s superior to other and cheaper cloud storage solutions.

If you’re really into design you’ll certainly like SugarSync’s interface a lot better than JustCloud’s but it can be overwhelming because of the many features. So if you’re just starting out, I’d rather sign up with JustCloud and get the ball rolling from there. Unfortunately, SugarSync just got rid of their forever free plan so that you can only test it for 90 days but that should be enough.