LiveDrive Review

By John Reynolds
July 10, 2013


Initial Verdict

There are hundreds of different online backup services out there, but what exactly makes Livedrive so special? Livedrive is the online online backup service in the consumer market which allows both regular home owners as well as professionals to become familiar and enjoy the fruits of cloud storage technologies. The data of a single computer, be it Mac or PC, can be totally backed up to the Livedrive server with zero space restriction. You read it right. Livedrive offers unlimited data storage at just $6 per month! 

Who is it for?

If you’re a casual homeowner, Livedrive is for you to backup all your important and precious files and folders. Why am I recommending you? It’s because the basic home plan of Livedrive offers backup at just $6 for a single Mac or Windows computer. At such a cheap price, you get to avail unlimited cloud storage space. If you’re interested to add more computers to the account, the price is just $1.45 per month for each additional computer. Apart from the basic plan, there are some other plans too – The Briefcase and The Pro Suite.

Livedrive for Businesses

Apart from home users, Livedrive also offers cloud solutions for businesses. The business plan includes some great features including online backup, personal cloud space for the employees, instant file access from anywhere, sharing and collaboration of documents along with total administrative control over the data. The business plan starts at a monthly rate of $49.95 to $159.95. If you sign up for a year, you can save the payment for 2 months!

About Livedrive

Today Livedrive is one of the most potential cloud storage service providers on earth. Currently it secures an envious ranking in both Europe and USA. The company was launched in December 2008 and now has more than 500,000 clients who are paying for the service all around the world. The main offices of the company are situated at US as well as UK, different countries of Europe and in Japan.

Authorities such as Best Buy, Expert Reviews, Buy It for December 2009, Gold Award 2010 by Web User, PC Pro and Wall Street Journal have highly acclaimed Livedrive as one of the best cloud service providers in the market today.

Backing up Files

For backing up your files with Livedrive, you have to open an account with some basic informationsuch as name, email, password etc. The sign up process is very quick. Afterwards, you’ll have to download the installer and follow the step by step instructions on the screen. When the installation is complete, you can start the backup process. Livedrive also supports scheduled backups ensuring automatic backup process for your files. Check out PC Pro’s article on Livedrive.

The best thing about Livedrive is that your monthly bandwidth will not be limited and the lightning fast servers of Livedrive can be used as much as you need. If you find any limitation in the service, it’s probably caused by your computer speed as well the speed of your internet.

Restoring Files 

The file restoring process is also very simple. If you’ve somehow deleted a file that you’ve backed up from your computer, it can be retrieved by restoring the file from Livedrive server within 30 days from deleting. This restore process also allows file restoring from the Livedrive portal. This is extremely helpful, particularly when it comes to unavoidable circumstances such as lost, stolen, damaged or replaced devices.

Mobile Application (iOS)

The Features We Love

  • The Backup Plan offers unlimited cloud storage at only $6 per month. A trial version of 14 days is also available and does not require a credit card to set up.
  • The service is compabitble with Mac & Windows. For Windows, the versions onwards from Windows XP are supported and in case of OS X, Leopard or higher is required.
  • Livedrive Mobile allows the users to connect to the cloud from their smartphone or tablets. The app supports iOS, Android & Windows Phone.
  • The mobile versions which are not supported, can access the cloud from and choose a compatible version for the service.
  • Livedrive supports external hard drive and Network Attached Storage (NAS). Additional external hard drive or NAS can be included in the Pro Suite or Business plan packages. This mostly includes the personal files for backup and not any system file or program files.
  • Advanced users can enjoy the advantages of FTP, SFTP & WebDAV, when subscribed to the Pro Suite & Business plans. FTP client allows access to the files for automated uploads or downloads. Using a WebDAV, files can also be viewed and edited using different apps, e.g. Keynote on iOS.
  • The encryption technology is of 256-bit military grade.
  • Livedrive feature Support Force One. This is the customer support from Livedrive. The technical support team offers 24/7 technical assistance. The emails are answered in 24 hours. Besides, you’re allowed to send a support ticket if you need instant assistance. However, this feature is not available if you’re not a registered user.
  • Livedrive offers opportunity for affiliation and reselling. You can be a part of Livedrive promotion and thus, earn a percentage from affiliating or reselling Livedrive along with your own brand starting at a monthly rate of $59.95. 

Final Verdict

There are a lot of great cloud service providers available in the market today, but Livedrive has proved itself as a particularly unique and flawless cloud backup service. It’s perfect for those who are looking for the best quality service at the lowest price. Livedrive, with its home plans starting just at $6, is obviously a very cheap service which does not compromise at all when it comes to quality service. Besides, even the advanced users looking to use it with FTP, SFTP or WebDAV access feature can choose the Pro Suite and Business Plans as per their requirements. Most importantly – Livedrive offers unlimited cloud storage space. This is something that really counts!