Why You Need an Online Backup Service For Your External Hard Drives

By Paul Niemeyer
December 30, 2013



Why You Need an Online Backup Service For Your External Hard Drives

If someone asks you, “What is the single most important thing for protecting your data?”, what should your answer be? I know it. The answer is – HARD DRIVE. The function of hard drives is to store your data and without a hard drive, there is nothing you can do. There are some specific reasons why I’ve brought out this particular topic today and you’ll know them as you read on.

Why Do We Need Hard Drives?

Hard drives are extremely important for our computers and at the same time, they are actually the most fragile components of our computers. For storing all types of important data, we use hard drives. I’m talking about the type of data on which our computers run. The data with which we perform our daily work. The data, which when corrupted or lost, might simply break our business or official or academic lives.

In our personal lives, every single precious memory is stored as a photo or a video. The documents which are extremely essential at school or at work are stored on the hard drives. Even the games or the music that we play for our recreation or peace of mind, whatever you say, are all stored in the hard drives. So practically, we need hard drives for everything we do on our computers!

What’s The Main Problem With Hard Drives?

The mechanical hard drives that we use on our computers today have a lot better design and structure than they had 10 or 15 years ago. The problem is – they are still prone to crashing. And you can do nothing about it!  

“Nothing is perfect in this world and it’s very natural for electronic devices to crash and die” – is that your logic? Well, check out the figure below!

6% of the total number of hard drives manufactured, die in their first year without any sort of warning.

You know where I got this figure from? GOOGLE! Oh yes, Google had performed a test on thousands of hard drives to determine their durability and to check the potential data loss problem. Google is actually storing all their data on an infinite number of hard drives and this test is extremely important for them.

The result is pretty mind-blowing when you do the math. In the year 2011, 620 million hard drives were produced. Out of 620 million, 6% means 37.2 million.Oops! 32.2 million hard drives crashed in the year 2011 without any prior warning and the graph is going upwards as we enter 2014.

Now tell me, when 37.2 million people lose all their data in a single year just because the failure of their hard drives, how aren’t you scared at all?

Is that all?

Nope. That’s not all. We just talked about the number of hard drives which might die in their first year, but data loss can also take place due to a thousand other factors. IDG and Boston Business Group carried out a survey and discovered that a majority of their company’s data loss is caused by laptops falling on the floor and coffee spilling on the computers. Although these sound pretty silly, the fact is – people are losing their valuable data!

There are different natural disasters which have to be taken into account too. There can fire, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and what not. Not to mention the human errors. Do you actually remember how many times you have deleted something unintentionally from your hard drive and done it permanently so that even the recycle bin can’t help you restore it? And how about the number of times that our dearest Windows operating system crashes and eats up all our data?

Why Is The Scenario So Bad?

If you’re just a personal user, you could lose all your lovely photos and videos due to a critical data loss. The moments captured in these photos and videos can never be recreated. How can you recreate a photo of your graduation day? Or your trip to Europe where you met your wife for the first time? Or the first birthday party of your lovely kid?

If you’re a student, think about how you can convince your professor that the assignments are not on his table just because your computer crashed. It’s something like saying that your dog chewed up your homework while you were sleeping!

If you’re a business user, oh my, you’re in a big trouble. Statistics show that 50% of the total number of businesses which suffer data loss, tend to close down within the next six months. That is the scariest thing ever.

Besides, when we’re using these hard drives as external hard drives, relying on these devices means that in case of any unwanted damage to these hard drives, you’re simply doomed. You can’t only rely on the hard drives for backing up your data. That’s really not smart today. Read about the day when hard drives will become obsolete on Cloud Tweaks.

The Only Solution : Online Backup Services

Now let’s get to the real deal. Even if you’re using external hard drives as your backup for your backup, it’s still not safe. How can you be so sure that both of your hard drives won’t be stolen or damaged or be a part of some tragic accident? In the end, the best solution is to use a cloud backup service, which along with backing up your computer, will also back up your external hard drives. All your precious data will be preserved at a remote location under the responsibility of a reliable service provider. Nothing can be better than that!

Check out our top online backup service providers, that can solve your problem and help you keep your data safely backed up over the web.  And don’t forget to look into our No.01 cloud service provider – JustCloud!