Surdoc offers 100GB free cloud storage

John Reynolds

By John Reynolds
December 23, 2013


Surdoc offers 100GB free cloud storage

Is the storage space in your Android device sufficient for you? If your device supports an external SD card, you could probably expand you storage option as per your requirements. Another option is to choose a cloud storage service. For your Android smartphone or tablet, there are a good number of cloud storage solutions available today. Different services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc. offer mobile application support for their cloud storage services. These applications allow the users to view and edit the files on the go, making the journey through the cloud much easier.

The most popular cloud storage service providers available today offer free storage spaces which are usually not more than 2 GB in average. Recently a new cloud storage service have emerged offering 100 GB free cloud storage. SurDoc offers their services for Android, Windows and Mac allowing the users to fluently back up the most important data up in the cloud. The free plan comes with 100 GB of data storage. Besides, the paid plans offer $2.5 per month, with the advantage of zero restriction on file types. There is another monthly plan of $8.33, which offers unlimited data storage.

Getting Started

Installing SurDoc on your Android smartphone or tablet is very easy indeed. Go to the Google Play Store and search for the SurDoc app. After installing on your device, you can create your account or sign in, if you already have an account.

The signing up process does not require providing all the detailed information. Using Facebook, Google, Yahoo or even Microsoft Outlook account, you can sign up for SurDoc. After signing up, a confirmation email will be sent to your email ID and upon verification, the account will be activated.

SurDoc for Android

The Best Features

  • The free storage starts at 100 GB, but by referring friends, this limit can be raised up to 1 TB!
  • The storage is ultra-secured claiming that SurDoc is the only cloud service provider who cannot access your files.
  • Mobile app features automatic upload of photos, videos and music from the phone/tablet.
  • Automated backup to the personal cloud over multiple devices.
  • No restriction on file format and open access, viewing and editing of any file in the personal cloud.
  • The online viewer is excellent
  • Files can be shared easily using links, email or social networking sites (Facebook & Twitter).
  • Allows filling out forms, edit documents and add signatures on the move.

The SurDoc team follows a ‘zero-knowledge’ policy claiming that their service offers utmost protection to your data. In fact, your data cannot be accessed by anyone other than you. The files cannot be viewed by anyone, not even by a hacker who is controlling the server of the cloud company and not even the government. Even SurDoc’s own employees can never access your files. On that note, I would say SurDoc is definitely worth a try!