Top Alternatives For SugarSync

By John Reynolds
December 11, 2013

Oh no! SugarSync just went paid! They got rid of their forever free 5GB plan and leave their customers with the ONLY options to upgrade for a paid plan, well at least for a 75% discount. The good thing is you don’t have to sign up for SugarSync as there are some great free cloud storage services that offer similar features. Let’s have a look!

Top 5 SugarSync Alternatives

Due to popular demand we’ve compiled a list of top alternatives for SugarSync now that they did away with their free 5GB plan.

Did You Get This Email, Too?

What’s the best SugarSync Alternative

If you’ve got this email you know your ultimatum has started now and you have until February 8th to move all your data or pick a worthy alternative.

#1 – JustCloud

JustCloud is our all time favorite cloud storage service but it’s not entirely free. You will get 1GB free file synchronization space with unlimited online backup for as low as $4.95 per month. That’s a great deal and I keep recommending this service to my friends and family because it just works. Have a look at the file sync folder right here:

Sync Your Files With JustCloud

Top Features

  • Unlimited online backup for your data
  • File sharing and synchronization
  • Fast Amazon servers

#2 – SpiderOak

SpiderOak is an ultra-secure cloud storage and online backup tool that operates under zero-knowledge privacy. The best part is your data is encrypted before you upload it to their servers. That means you’re the only one who has access to your files and even if they were forced to expose your files (by the NSA for example) they couldn’t read your files because only you have your personal encryption key.

You can get their 2GB free account that will let you use all of their features or upgrade to the paid plan for 10$ per month for each 100GB increment. Not too bad!

Top Features

  • Easy & secure file sharing
  • Folder collaboration with “Shared Rooms”
  • Scheduling option for online backup

#3 Google Drive

Who doesn’t know the legendary Google Drive? You can upload your files to Google’s servers and benefit from a variety of useful features: you can edit your documents and presentations with Google Docs or preview your videos directly in the browser. Google’s powerful revision history allows you to go back in time for as far as 30 days and even unlimited days for document type files.

Just like SugarSync you can download Google Drive to your computer and manage all your contents and files from within that folder if you don’t like the web interface.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

Top Features

  • Unlimited revision history for documents
  • Up to 15GB free storage
  • Reliable Google servers

 #4 – Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the hottest contenders when it comes to file sync and cloud storage. Founded back in 2007 they really made it easy for us having our files on all of our devices. Their new mobile apps for iOS and Android are top notch and help you access your files wherever you are.

There are a couple of drawbacks, though: you cannot change the folder where you sync your files – you need to put everything into one place. Also, there is no local encryption which makes it barely usable for sensitive information or company data. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative for SugarSync then you might want to sign up for Dropbox because you’ll get 2GB for free.

Top Features

  • Easy file syncing and sharing
  • Very fast file syncing speeds
  • Mobile apps for all devices

#5 – SkyDrive

SkyDrive is the answer to Google Drive and Dropbox and is a great tool if you’re already using several Microsoft products such as Windows, Word or Excel. It integrates seamlessly so that you’ll have all your docs in one place. With 7GB free storage space you’ll get more than with a lot of the other cloud storage services.

Top Features

  • Good MS Office integration
  • 7GB free cloud storage

What’s Your Favorite SugarSync Alternative?

We’re always interested in what the users think and use so that we can expand our portfolio or websites we review. Please leave a comment with your top cloud storage and file syncing service.