ZipCloud Review – What You Need to Know Before You Buy Review

By Paul Niemeyer
May 22, 2014



Thinking ofsigning up for ZipCloud and need an unbiased view of the cloud backup company before getting hitched? Congratulations then, because you’re in the right place. Welcome to our review of ZipCloud, where we list how the software works, its features, and our final verdict on whether or not people should use it.

This review was carried out on a Macbook computer on the PC end, while an Android device was responsible for handling the mobile side of things. I imagine it’s a pretty similar experience across all system devices.

The Good

Starting off with the good news first, ZipCloud is fully supported across all major computer platforms, even good old Linux (via Ubuntu). The same support streak continues across smart-devices, with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle all onboard, but Windows Phone support is yet to arrive.

ZipCloud is a cloud backup software that installs natively on the selected device, and provides easy to manage backup, sync and sharing options. Nifty extras included features such as backup pausing, no backup during battery only periods (for laptops), bandwidth limited backups (so as to not cross ISP set data caps), restricted file sizes, scheduled backups throughout the day and a very handy Settings section that deals with security (which is 256 bit secured socket layer encryption).

And once the painless sign-up and installation has taken place (the installation’s file size is so amazingly tiny! About 193 kb), the system automatically offers to back up main folders, such as Desktop, Downloads, Pictures, Movies and Music. Individual files can also be synced and backed up without any hassle, functionally making ZipCloud one of the easiest, most intuitive and beginner friendly cloud backup and storage services out there.

The company also sports a great set of features, such as unlimited backup, anytime money back guarantees, file encryption, full PC restores, file and folder sharing, referral programs, file versioning, Geo-redundant storage and support over phone, e-mail and chat.

Their prices are also pretty fair, as the company’s FAQ states:

Zipcloud offers different plans depending on how much space is required. We offer 2 year, 1 year, semi-annual and monthly pricing plans. The longer you sign up for though the cheaper it works out in the long run.

  • Home 75GB plan – 4.49 per month for 2 years (total charge 107.71)
  • Premium 250GB plan – 4.95 per month for 2 years (total charge 118.85)
  • Unlimited Plan – 4.95 per month for 2 years (total charge 118.85)

The Bad

The company does not offer a free plan, instead a 14 day free limited trial is the best way to get a taste of it. So, is ZipCloud without any faults? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Things such as external hard drive backup, 5GB file size backup, hourly backup and supercharged backup cost extra, and some of these features are not even properly explained.

Going onto the website to either upgrade an account, earn more free space by completing tasks and finding coupons and discounts is not the easiest task in the world, and some pages turn up 404; overall the sales tactics and layout feel like they were set up by Billy Mays.

Final Verdict: ZipCloud

So, our final verdict is such: ZipCloud is a great basic unlimited backup service offered at a very reasonable prices, featuring an easy to use interface and robust feature set, marred by the company’s sleazy sales tactics and far too many charges for extra add-ons that are not well explained in some instances.