Zoolz Review

By Paul Niemeyer
November 22, 2013



Zoolz Review

Zoolz is the cloud backup service from Genie9. It uses the Amazon Cold Storage to reduce their storage costs. Zoolz has undergone rebranding since they turned up for the first time. They seemed to put their focus more on business users than casual ones ever since they went through the rebranding. The business model of Zoolz fits the business users in a better way although they offer options for both home and business accounts.

Getting Started

To start off with Zoolz, you’ll have to visit their official website and create a Zoolz account. Zoolz offers a 2 week trial, so you get to see if their offers are suitable for the backup needs of your business. The sign up page does not require more than your basic contact information. After creating the account, you can download Zoolz desktop application and start configuring the software. If you’re a home user, your options are available at the footer menu of their home options, which seemed to be a little confusing to me. Other than that, the web has a smart interface and is quite intuitive.


After creating the free Zoolz account, the desktop software can be downloaded to start your data backup. At present, Zools supports Windows and Mac. The installation process is fairly easy. Just follow the directions of the installer and you’re good to go. After installing Zools, you’ll have to log in using the information used during account creation. After logging in, you can set up your basic backup options.

Backing Up

When the initial setup is completed, the backup process starts. A number of file sets can be selected for backup. Files which should be in your instant storage can also be selected. You can set the frequency of backup run by Zoolz and it also offers private encryption key or Zools encryption password.

The overall backup process can easily select multiple files at once. If you need to backup whole folders, that can be done too. I think the addition of the cold storage option is a bit confusing for the non-IT people. Anyway, once you get used to the system, the confusion dissolves away.


In case of a data disaster, your precious data can be easily restored from Zoolz. Even if you’re not close to your computer, the web portal can be used for downloading your files. Just sign in to your Zoolz account and select the documents you wish to download.

When you’re on your computer, the Zoolz desktop client allows to initiate a restore. Go to the dashboard and select the restore tab. Then the files you wish to restore can be selected and downloaded. If your files are in the cold storage, the process takes a little more time, but work fine in the end.

Mobile App

Zoolz mobile application is compatible with both Android and iOS. They can be download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. They have similar interfaces and offers instant access to your cloud files. The files can be shared and downloaded to your mobile device, from where they can later be viewed offline. The Genie9 G Cloud Backup is available for Android and I think it was better than the Android Zoolz app. I wonder why Genie9 has brought out two different backup apps!

Web Portal

A number of standard web portal options are available at the Zoolz web portal. Using the web, you can access your files, manage users and also upload and share any file types. Business features like password protection is available during sharing and you can also set up delivery notifications and an expiry date. Using Zools as a file server in the cloud allows to set policies for limiting the user authorities. If there are a number of users in your business, who are not authorized to access all the files, this is a good options to restrict their vision. Check out the Cloud Infographics 2013 on Cloud Tweaks.


If you’re interested to choose an easy, budget package and use the Amazon Cold Storage for your cloud needs, the Zoolz can be a good option to route for. The Zoolz software is very easy to handle and performs great. Unfortunately, if you’re a home user, there are many other backup softwares offering better performance than Zoolz. If you’re business user, however, Zoolz can be a fine tool to boost your business if you know how to use it properly. To wrap it up, Zoolz is cheap, comfortable and an okay cloud storage solution for business starters and small business owners.

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